Friday, June 08, 2012


Next week the Deviants were supposed to play the Shepherds Bush Empire along with our old pal John Sinclair, Howard Marks, and the lovely Sonja Kristina (below), among others. A couple of days ago, however, we were informed by promoter Ian Grant – without any real explanation – that the show was cancelled. This was the second time Ian’s shot a show of this kind from under us, and, just to compound our dissatisfaction, we had actually learned unofficially of the cancellation from our friend Yukiko in Tokyo a week earlier. It all makes me wonder about bloody promoters. As artists, we work very hard, we create, we rehearse, we do everything we can to improve our work. To stick something up on the web with a Facebook link and hope the crowds will flock seems hardly promotional. Maybe the secret word is lazy.  


JoHnny ~ said...

the 'Goblin King' is looking a little pissed.

tell me, wot happen to the moral higher ground, the DIY work ethic..??

fuck the middle-man..hire yourself a truck & generator..knock out the t-shirts, (L to XXL these days), get the posters printed of past glories..take the show to the riff-raff..get ya finger out Farren.

otherwise give up & fuck off BrotherMan, the choice is all ways

enjoy the day ~

JoHnny ~ said...


Phil said...

Pissed me off, I was looking forward to the evening- so when can we next expect to see the Deviants down south? And by the way, XXXL shirts for me now

JoHnny ~ said...

Oi Phil..give us a tenner..look after ya motor m8..make sure no feral arse-wipe 'keys' your lovely new paint job, while ya inside watching Mick, with his stool..should be good !

Maggie M'Gill said...

Is Ian related to the infamous Peter? Bummer. Sorry to hear it, and it's scant comfort that the photo's rather a good one.