Saturday, June 04, 2011



“Is this the Mick Farren poetry show?”
“I dunno. I’m a penguin.”

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How did the old blues go? “How long, lawdy, how long?”

“A 19-member international panel has condemned the US-led "War on Drugs" campaign as a failure and has recommended major reforms of the global drug prohibition regime. The Global Commission on Drug Policy report, released on Thursday, argues that the four-decades-long campaign has failed to make significant changes in the international drug scenario and has, in fact, devastating consequences on human societies across the world. "Overwhelming evidence from Europe, Canada and Australia now demonstrates the human and social benefits both of treating drug addiction as a health rather than criminal justice problem and of reducing reliance on prohibitionist policies," remarked former Swiss president Ruth Dreifuss. "These policies need to be adopted worldwide, with requisite changes to the international drug control conventions." The term "War on Drugs" was first used by US President Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971 and was intended to define and reduce illicit drug trade globally. However, the new report points out that the result of this campaign has been nothing but a drastic increase in drug violence, especially in regions like Brazil and Mexico.” (Click here for more)

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Amazonia Frozdick habitually licked her knife.


Are these bird is man’s new best friend? (But vultures don’t surf.)

“Move out of the way, police dogs! German police have a new best friend–the vulture. A team of three carrion-seeking birds have been trained to help officers find bodies. The only hitch is that the birds tend to peck at their finds. Um, yeah. That could be a problem. Named Sherlock, Miss Marple and Colombo, the three vultures all have keen eyesight and an acute sense of smell. The idea is that birds could do a better job in handling rough terrain and scanning larger areas. Which is great and all but I hope the police remember that vultures are scavengers. So don’t be surprised if a body is missing a couple eyeballs and has more flesh wounds than it should because of the vultures.”

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Friday, June 03, 2011


This coming Sunday afternoon (June 5th) I’ll be doing a poetry show down here in Brighton accompanied by the blinding electric guitar of Andy Colquhoun, and slide king Tim Rundall will drop to play on a couple of pieces. Ben Graham, Lisa Jayne, Mat Colgate, James Prue and DJ Danny will also be strutting their stuff. The entire show starts at 2.00 and we’ll be hitting at about four. It’s Upstairs at the Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED (01273 730 499)

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I always knew eating salad would kill you. (But I’m getting a little frayed by the number of news reports that start like a very nasty science fiction movie.) (Click here for the actual story)


I was a little slow in getting to this. Our pal Aeswiren gave me a heads up a week or more ago, but there’s been so much going on I only just followed through on it. I mean, Stalin and Dr. Mengele caused the Roswell crash? I couldn’t have made that up myself.

“Last night’s Nightline featured a confrontation between Annie Jacobsen, the author of the controversial book about Area 51 making worldwide headlines, and ABC reporter, Bill Weir. Jacobsen arranged to have Weir talk to the anonymous witness of one of the most contentious claims of her book, regarding Stalin’s involvement with the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. However, Weir says the witness told him that he did not make all of the claims laid out in the book, and described the gentleman as “in his late eighties, seemed obviously confused and conflicted.” In her book, Jacobsen claims that a retired EG&G engineer, who wished to remain anonymous, had told her that he had witnessed the parts and bodies from the alleged crashed UFO near Roswell, NM in 1947. He says they were brought to Area 51 after being stored at Wright Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio. The reason the base is called Ares 51, Jacobsen claims, is because these materials arrived in 1951. In the book, the witness says he found that the craft was actually a version of an advanced German aircraft, called a Horton Flying Wing, and that the bodies were children that had been mutilated by Josef Mengele.” (Click here for more)

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Thursday, June 02, 2011


“Yesterday was my birthday and I had to point that out myself.”

Here at Doc40 we have long made free with image and memory of Marilyn. We love her and indentify with her in our own perverse way. She just our kind of fucked-up goddess. In 1961 she was committed to a mental hospital in New York for four days. During her confinement she wrote a six-page letter to her psychiatrist. Here is a part…

“I didn’t sleep again last night. I forgot to tell you something yesterday. When they put me into the first room on the sixth floor I was not told it was a Psychiatric floor. Dr. Kris said she was coming the next day. The nurse came in (after the doctor, a psychiatrist) had given me a physical examination including examining the breast for lumps. I took exception to this but not violently only explaining that the medical doctor who had put me there, a stupid man named Dr. Lipkin had already done a complete physical less than thirty days before. But when the nurse came in I noticed there was no way of buzzing or reaching for a light to call the nurse. I asked why this was and some other things and she said this is a psychiatric floor. After she went out I got dressed and then was when the girl in the hall told me about the phone. I was waiting at the elevator door which looks like all other doors with a door-knob except it doesn’t have any numbers (you see they left them out). After the girl spoke with me and told me about what she had done to herself I went back into my room knowing they had lied to me about the telephone and I sat on the bed trying to figure if I was given this situation in an acting improvisation what would I do. So I figured, it’s a squeaky wheel that gets the grease. I admit it was a loud squeak but I got the idea from a movie I made once called “Don’t Bother to Knock”. I picked up a light-weight chair and slammed it, and it was hard to do because I had never broken anything in my life — against the glass intentionally. It took a lot of banging to get even a small piece of glass – so I went over with the glass concealed in my hand and sat quietly on the bed waiting for them to come in. They did, and I said to them “If you are going to treat me like a nut I’ll act like a nut”. I admit the next thing is corny but I really did it in the movie except it was with a razor blade. I indicated if they didn’t let me out I would harm myself — the furthest thing from my mind at that moment since you know Dr. Greenson I’m an actress and would never intentionally mark or mar myself. I’m just that vain.” (Click here for the rest)

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Lifted from our pal Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds


After killing eleven of La Familia (who had shot down of a police helicopter) and arresting 36 others including three known top leaders were captured, Mexican police  confiscated these jewel-encrusted weapons from the drug cartel.


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Our pals at World of Wonder assure me this is the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer having fun at the beach.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I always feel good when bikers and truck drivers drive off loathsome religious bigots. It doesn’t happen all that often so, when it does, I wax all sentimental. And, yeah, I know the action flies in the face of universal free speech, but these Westboro Baptists are such nasty vicious fundamental assholes. (The picture is generic bikers but there is video of the actual event.)

“A protest by the infamous Westboro Baptist Church was not carried out in Joplin, Missouri on Saturday as planned after a large contingent of bikers showed up and flushed them out of a zone marked off for their demonstration. The hate group, known for protesting soldiers returning from war, had planned their event to coincide with President Obama’s appearance at Missouri Southern State University, to memorialize the 143 confirmed to have been killed during recent storms. As you can see from the video below, it did not turn out well for the protesters, as one — surrounded by police at the start of the footage — is forced to flee as hundreds of noisy bikers swept past the police line and occupied the protest area. According to one first-hand account, it went something like this: “When the police saw what was about to happen they grabbed him and tried to push the bikers back!! Then they told the guy “run you stupid mother fucker” And I am quoting!! We heard that more of them were blocked at a local truck stop by a few awesome truckers!! They pinned them in until it was over, not sure about this one just what we were hearing!! You may think of bikers as mean or lawless but when it comes to things like this they really step up!!!” (Click here for more and the video)

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The one shining possibility the mess that will be the 2012 presidential elections holds for me is the chance that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann will go one on one with each other with claws out and vitriol spewing in biblical fury. It would so make it all worth while. MSNBC catalogues the early signs…

“Politico's Jonathan Martin points out that Bachmann announced she was likely to launch a presidential bid, "hours after Sarah Palin announced a bus tour." And: "The Minnesotan called Palin `a friend,' but quickly added that no two candidates `are interchangeable' and then touted her resume as a tax attorney, education reformer and former state senator. Bachmann declined to say if she would announce in time to participate in a debate on June 13th in New Hampshire, but said she would decide soon."
”Proof the Bachmann people know they're competing for the same oxygen as Palin. The New Hampshire Union Leader writes of Palin's trip to New Hampshire and then adds, "Coincidentally, late this afternoon, the point person for Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a potential presidential candidate who, like Palin, is a champion of the Tea Party/liberty movement, released details of Bachmann's aggressive schedule in New Hampshire this weekend and early next week."
"Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann told reporters tonight that she will travel to her hometown of Waterloo next month to announce whether she will run for president," the Des Moines Register writes.
The Des Moines Register's Obradovich: "People don't come to Iowa to announce they're not running. If she actually schedules a speech, that'll be pretty big tip-off that she's jumping in. She touted her fund-raising, including a 30-hour effort that her staff said raised over $260,000."

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Monday, May 30, 2011

SUNDAY BREAKFAST (Somewhat delayed)

"The city air was wafer brittle. Too jagged for the scarcely sane
Avoiding interloper’s glances, aware that we’d come back again
The ancient crew now reassembled, hallowed sweat in gaudy light
The odds on mayhem swiftly shortening
In the course of such a lurid night
Sweet Anita tactile armored, Baby Joseph hides a gun
Never seen the fix so angry. Spurred us to the contract run
Through all the waterholes of destiny. Drinks all round, now see us right
Commerce long since ceased to signify
In the course of such a lurid night"

This is a stanza from one to the tunes we’ve been working on for the last few days. I quote it because the ancient crew really were reassembled and worked all week to bring ourselves up to the superior standards we now set for ourselves as venerable veterans of the rama-lama. We didn’t actually have champagne and caviar for breakfast but we had definitely earned it. We learned our limitations, took a couple of minor casualties, and, although some fine points still need sorting, the work was great and we realised that, after all these years, we really know the score. Andy, Tim and I will be airing out some of what we’ve achieved at a poetry show at the Albert pub in Brighton next Sunday afternoon. Full details will follow in a few days as Doc40 regularizes itself and I don’t feel I’m working too hard.

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“A hot dog is more than a metaphor.”


Jane Frozdick’s romance with Tarzan did not work out as she’d hoped.


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