Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The one shining possibility the mess that will be the 2012 presidential elections holds for me is the chance that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann will go one on one with each other with claws out and vitriol spewing in biblical fury. It would so make it all worth while. MSNBC catalogues the early signs…

“Politico's Jonathan Martin points out that Bachmann announced she was likely to launch a presidential bid, "hours after Sarah Palin announced a bus tour." And: "The Minnesotan called Palin `a friend,' but quickly added that no two candidates `are interchangeable' and then touted her resume as a tax attorney, education reformer and former state senator. Bachmann declined to say if she would announce in time to participate in a debate on June 13th in New Hampshire, but said she would decide soon."
”Proof the Bachmann people know they're competing for the same oxygen as Palin. The New Hampshire Union Leader writes of Palin's trip to New Hampshire and then adds, "Coincidentally, late this afternoon, the point person for Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a potential presidential candidate who, like Palin, is a champion of the Tea Party/liberty movement, released details of Bachmann's aggressive schedule in New Hampshire this weekend and early next week."
"Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann told reporters tonight that she will travel to her hometown of Waterloo next month to announce whether she will run for president," the Des Moines Register writes.
The Des Moines Register's Obradovich: "People don't come to Iowa to announce they're not running. If she actually schedules a speech, that'll be pretty big tip-off that she's jumping in. She touted her fund-raising, including a 30-hour effort that her staff said raised over $260,000."

Click here for the greatest movie cat fight ever.


stu said...

you know my views on palin fighting other girls.oh god.i`ll not sleep tonight.

Aleleeinn said...
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Aleleeinn said...

I'm just looking forward to the whole GOP field smearing each other with shit. Such a bunch of rabid psychos will have to revert to their true form at some point.
BUT IMHO, Sarah ain't running. She's making too much money as a media darling. Any entrance and subsequent withdrawal would ruin her image. She will find a way to convert the political chaos into cash.
I would like to see Sarah in a cat fight against someone with a brain though. A real Hell's Angels verbal stomping. Leaving her broken and unable to evencrawl away.