Thursday, June 24, 2004


Eight straight days and not a word? What the fuck was going on? Well, quite a lot and most of it got in the way of the weblog, but everyone seems to have been having a real good time will I was away, but, like Fast Eddie Felson says at the end of The Color of Money. “I’m back.”

So what happened? Well, the old Doc kinda ran into the wall and was as sick as a dog for a couple if days, and at the same time was inundated by all manner of stuff, some exciting, and some just too tediously depressing to mention. Much email has gone unanswered and there are folks who are probably mad at me. As far as bashing Bush is concerned, Michael Moore seems to be holding the fort. And since I doubt any of you want to hear about my health, inefficiency, or depression, let’s just leave it that I took a few days off, without prior notice, from doing battle with the corporate agents of chaos.

All the good stuff? Well, that may have to wait a few days until all the ducks and details are in a row. (Tease.) But count on it that it’ll be good. For me at least. The Doc40 service may take a little while to rebuild itself bigger and better, but if I should go missing again over the next few days, this time it will be because I’m finally making the switch from dialup to DSL, and not because of any dashingly romantic disaster.

And, oh yeah, just a note that I never wore loon pants, even in 1971, and rarely carry a gun while I’m drinking, or drink when I’m packing. I long ago discovered that, unlike in the movies, whisky and firearms don’t mix. Any questions?


And maybe to demonstrate that I am more than an unpredictable drunk as seems to be widely assumed I have a column in the new LA CityBeat about Bill Clinton.

Since I wrote the piece, I’ve seen Bill talking with everyone from Oprah to Charlie Rose, and I seem to be liking the guy all over again, even if his position on the War on Drugs was indefensible. With Charlie Rose (by far the most sensible interview) he very seriously warned never to underestimate George Bush by dismissing him as a cartoon clown.


I also see a new coordinated uprising has broken out in Iraq this morning. The mire deepens.

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