Friday, January 12, 2007


Dear Doc40,

Although I posted a comment yesterday complaining about the use of my immortal catchphrase, "Here I come to save the day!" in the content of a giant rabbit, I have received neither the apology nor acknowledgement I feel I feel I am more than due. And do not believe this is merely a matter of Hollywood ego. The President of the United States is clearly insane, beyond all constitutional control, and intends to start as many as three more gratuitous new wars at the same time to ensure his dubious place in history. At the same time, the planet itself would appear to be gearing up to rid itself of the irritant of humanity. At such a perilous juncture I feel it is crucial that America and the rest of the world to be absolutely certain and harbor no lingering doubts as to which superhero rodent is going to come to save the day. (And let’s not rehash that business with Andy Kaufman and the gramophone. I mean, that was soooo 20th century.)

The sole and original,

Mighty Mouse

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Thursday, January 11, 2007



So I sat bemused, exchanging glances with the cat, and alternately wondering if our Simian President was on Thorazine, or was about to blow up the entire middle east, or both, because the only interpretation I could put on what was going down – what with the Navy carrier group steaming into the Persian Gulf and those AC130s blowing the shit out of Somalia yesterday – was that Chimp Boy and his Uncle Cheney think they can keep their nasty little neocon war going for another two years, plus maybe some sub-nuclear strikes on Iran and Syria, plus more ugliness on the Horn of Africa, and then leave office sniggering because they’ve left Obama to sort it out. I was so bummed that I was even thinking of lighting a cigarette and the HCB brought the news. WE HAVE THE GIANT RABBIT!

Also I have a highly perceptive piece about watching in the new LA CityBeat

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


As Bush pushes his disastrous doctrine of surge and sacrifice, aeswiren sent over this chilling piece from Alternet that reveals just how many private security mercs and hired guns are on the loose in Iraq and, spookier still, their close ties with the religious right and how they might me used domestically if the circumstances could be created. Here’s a sample…
If the United States falls into a period of instability caused by another catastrophic terrorist attack, an economic meltdown or a series of environmental disasters, these paramilitary forces, protected and assisted by fellow ideologues in the police and military, could swiftly abolish what is left of our eroding democracy. War, with the huge profits it hands to businesses and right-wing interests that often help bankroll the Christian right, could become a permanent condition. And the thugs with automatic weapons, black uniforms and wraparound sunglasses who appeared on street corners in Baghdad and New Orleans could appear on streets across the U.S. Such a presence could paralyze us with fear, leaving us unable to question or protest the closed system and secrecy of an emergent totalitarian state and unable to voice dissent.”

And hit Alternet for the rest of the story...

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CRYPTIQUE -- Thank god for Ted Kennedy

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


In the wee hours of the morning the following hit my email… The Pink Fairies are sad to announce that due to circumstances so beyond our control it`s not true, we won`t be able to make the Roundhouse gig on Jan 22nd. Larry has a trapped sciatic nerve, which to the non-medically mined, is the longest nerve in the body, travelling from the lower back, down the length of the leg. This is an incredibly painful and debillitating condition, making all movement impossible, without a lot of screaming and shouting. We`ve tried everything, from the strongest drugs possible, to Osteopathy, Accupuncture, and Chinese Massage, and short of sacrificing a goat and dancing in the woods, we have run out of options. So, we do hope, that with the indulgence of our friends out there, and the Roundhouse folks, we will be able to re-schedule, and attempt to put on the kind of show that our loyal and much-loved fans deserve, as soon as health returns to the Pinks camp. Once again, we are really sorry kiddies, but whatcha gonna do?

Which is a damned good question since I’m sitting here, too late to improvise, with a plane ticket and a desire to make history and the strong feeling that this is a chance that will not easily come again. Maybe we should have sacrificed the goat.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Today is Elvis Presley's birthday. He would have been 72. The above illustration is the famous Elvis Prayer Mat by Joni Mabe.

And what better news to get on such a day is the word sent by some girl (bless her) that there may be life on Mars after all.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Above you see the lads doing the serious business onstage at Dingwalls Dancehall, sometime in the mid to late 1980s (during our “Wiseguy Period), and now it would appear that we are doing it all over again.

The press release for the Pink Fairies Kings Of Oblivion Reunion show on Monday January 22nd at London’s legendary Roundhouse reads…

The original kings of oblivion featuring Larry Wallis on guitar, Russell Hunter on drums and Duncan Sanderson on bass, represent a crucial missing link in British rock & roll, bridging the gap between 1960s psychedelia and the dawn of punk. Storming out of Ladbroke Grove when it still meant something – the Pink Fairies have been cited by everyone from Joe Strummer to Billy Connolly (believe it) as proof positive that – with the right gin palace swagger and defiant determination – all things are possible.

And now they are back at the Roundhouse where their rumpus first started in the early 70s, when the band shared stages and a commitment to mayhem with the likes of the MC5, The New York Dolls, Hawkwind and Motorhead. The Pink Fairies amassed a fan following so outrageously extreme that it extended from the Hells Angels to jet-trash drag queens. They will again raise the tattered Flying Pig banner, and ply their old, loud, and totally unique rock & roll trade, one more time, and one time only. The old guard makes its final stand. Miss the cacophony at your peril.

Not mentioned above, but now I believe it’s safe to reveal that, for a number of somgs, I will be a honored guest at the cacophony. I have a plane ticket and thus there’s even more reason to show up. Further information will be posted as comes through, but these are the Kings of Oblivion and it tends to arrive in fits and starts.

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