Friday, June 03, 2011


I was a little slow in getting to this. Our pal Aeswiren gave me a heads up a week or more ago, but there’s been so much going on I only just followed through on it. I mean, Stalin and Dr. Mengele caused the Roswell crash? I couldn’t have made that up myself.

“Last night’s Nightline featured a confrontation between Annie Jacobsen, the author of the controversial book about Area 51 making worldwide headlines, and ABC reporter, Bill Weir. Jacobsen arranged to have Weir talk to the anonymous witness of one of the most contentious claims of her book, regarding Stalin’s involvement with the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. However, Weir says the witness told him that he did not make all of the claims laid out in the book, and described the gentleman as “in his late eighties, seemed obviously confused and conflicted.” In her book, Jacobsen claims that a retired EG&G engineer, who wished to remain anonymous, had told her that he had witnessed the parts and bodies from the alleged crashed UFO near Roswell, NM in 1947. He says they were brought to Area 51 after being stored at Wright Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio. The reason the base is called Ares 51, Jacobsen claims, is because these materials arrived in 1951. In the book, the witness says he found that the craft was actually a version of an advanced German aircraft, called a Horton Flying Wing, and that the bodies were children that had been mutilated by Josef Mengele.” (Click here for more)

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Aleleeinn said...

So Let's see if I got this right. None of my people (aliens) were involved. The crash was from a SECRET aircraft, (Which the US of A just might like to keep SECRET from the CCCP). As for the bodies, shaved monkeys, to simulate a crew, and the actual pilot ejected and parachuted safely away.
I'm a believer in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). So, all the hoopla after the crash was DYSINFORMATION by the paranoid American military trying to protect their captured German aircraft.
Area51 IS used for weapons testing, (like new and SECRET). The Stealth was tested there. NOT very discretely. The plane was already rumored to exist, and intelligent observers can put sonic boom and no visual evidence together and come to the right conclusion.
I have always found it highly implausible that some military officer in the know would run his mouth to some total stranger about super-secret military information. If the fucker worked for me and did that: he or she would be very dead very quickly. And the leak would follow shortly. Now remember this was the post WWII paranoid America, who had just realized that Joe Stalin was a twisted psycho and definitely not our friend.
There is IMHO a good shot at what actually happened and I’ve saved you the cost of many books, and I’ve saved you the time you would waste sifting though tons of dribble and and self inflating nonsense.