Friday, June 08, 2012


The torrential rain in Wolverhampton – described by Russell Hunter (above) as “biblical” – cut into the size of the crowd, but those who were there at the Robin 2 were seriously hardcore. A Facebook pal calling himself Turner D. Century describes the show below. (Although we do have one memo to Turner. We like our guitar solos! We like them a lot.) 

“No encore and a singular failure of the White Panther massive to materialise in Bilston couldn't diminish the realisation that Mr. Farren needs only to BE to send a ripple across the seismograph of the underthecounterculture; the fella sucks up kulturpolitik and expels greatness like a wide bore blazooka spraying archly considered shrapnel into the underbelly of the beast. New tune Cocaine and Gunpowder hardwires the band into nostalgia-shucking nowness and sits well next to the undeniably anthemic wade of Billy The Monster. Where were you the night The Deviants rolled into town they'll ask...and if you can't show the seat-mounted imprint of the size 12 of legend, the nametakers and ass-kickers will laugh you straight out of Valhalla...”


JoHnny ~ said...

perhaps the White-Panther massive was safely tucked up in bed, it was rather late old chap.
btw: who writes this shite..??

hahaHa..don't ya just love a 'pal'

turner d century said...

And sometimes, a pal will love you right back