Friday, August 26, 2011


She may be the new face of revolution.

“Not since the days of Zapatistas' Subcomandante Marcos has Latin America been so charmed by a rebel leader. This time, there is no ski mask, no pipe and no gun, just a silver nose ring. Meet Commander Camila, a student leader in Chile who has become the face of a populist uprising that some analysts are calling the Chilean winter. Her press conferences can lead to the sacking of a minister. The street marches she leads shut down sections of the Chilean capital. She has the government on the run, and now even has police protection after receiving death threats. Yet six months ago, no one had heard of Camila Vallejo, the 23-year-old spearheading an uprising that has shaken not only the presidency of the billionaire businessman Sebastián Piñera, but the entire Chilean political class. Opinion polls show that 26% of the public support Piñera and only 16% back his recently ousted Concertación coalition. Wednesday saw the start of a two-day nationwide shutdown, as transport workers and other public-sector employees joined the burgeoning student movement in protest. "There are huge levels of discontent," said Vallejo in a recent interview. "It is always the youth that make the first move … we don't have family commitments, this allows us to be freer. We took the first step, but we are no longer alone, the older generations are now joining this fight." Click here for more

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The secret word is Next


Peromyscus said...

Why does she have a stick up her nose?

WV is Colcha. When I hear that, I reach for my gun.

slinkymalinky said...

Winter is coming.

rickyn 420 said...

I think I'm in love L-U-V

Aleleeinn said...

What discontent!? Pick a country and the situation is pretty much the same. No future.
Hope she cn make one in Chile. It might spread to the rest of the planet.