Friday, August 26, 2011


…to a gallery opening and live performance next Thursday September 1st at SPACE in Hackney, East London.
The event is a re-examination and maybe a celebration of the agitprop tome Watch Out Kids that Edward Barker and I put together way back in the 20th century and was a highly subjective compendium of counterculture graphics and the rogue philosophy of the psychedelic left. Since a gallery show, by definition, is primarily visual, the major tribute is really to the work of the late great Edward. But I will be showing up with master guitarist Andy Colquhoun – a once and future Deviant and Pink Fairy – plus our new friend and percussionist, Jaki Miles-Windmill, to perform poetry and other rhymed writings.
The deal is that doors open at 6.00pm; allowing us to stand around, drink 50p beer, pose and chat, observe and be observed, until sometime just after eight, when we the performers get down and perform. Finally after the show, we head into the after-party at which a good time will be had by all. All this wonder is all at…
129 – 131 MARE STREET
020 8525 4330

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Anonymous said...

This epic tome of 60's adventure was born of the wondrous confluence of drugs sex rock'n'roll cultural anarchy, smuggling, good friendships, fugitives, edgy arts,very alternative media, and a belief that a better future was at hand.This performance at space will testify to the current relevance of all the above !!And YAAAAA ! Edward Barker !!
Mr. MR