Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I lifted this from a wonderful, recently discovered site called Gravy Holocaust. Finn take note.

“This is a cat begging for money in Minsk, Belarus. He stays on one place with a note that reads “need money for meat and fish, bless you”. He doesn’t leave his place and protects the money. His owner, an old woman, was found nearby. She said that she had rescued the cat from the streets, but at that time she had already owned 6 cats and couldn’t feed them all, so she decided to let the cat earn money for itself.”


Aleleeinn said...

Thanks, That gives me some Ideas for my cats. LOL The cats that are social are often absolutely fearless.

slim tim slide said...

my goddamn tortoise keeps getting mugged!

stu said...

my little thug would clear off with the takings & send me a postcard.