Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Royal wedding earmuffs? Right. It figures. I wasn’t foolish enough to think it would go away, but I hoped I could either rise above it or simply burrow beneath and, but now it streams from my English TV in a endless stream of red, white, and blue lumpen tabloid patriotism. An early plan was avoid the goddamned wedding by spending the afternoon rehearsing the music, but when we tried to book a studio we found that other bands with the same idea had beaten us to it, and every room in the eight room facility was booked. I suppose I could turn off the TV, but that in itself would seem a denial of my electronic rights. But I’m not saying anything about protest. I really don’t want to be on yet another list of undesirables.

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Poly Styrene -- RIP
The secret word is Nuptial


Aleleeinn said...

I have selective shit filtering turned on at all times. I don't hear it and if it gets too bad I can always find some other shit channel to annoy me. Its gone from 13 channels of shit up to 500.
BTW!!! YOUR BLOG has disappeared from GOOGLE search. Tried "mick farren blog" and the blog page for DOC 4 no longer appeared in the list. All the Google bots see is the content page. THAT TRULY SUCKS!!!

Mick said...

My friend, you are not fucking kidding. We may have to move and start again.

Aleleeinn said...

To quote somebody or other. Tell me great rower against the tide of stupidity: "What the fuck are we supposed to do now?" We have beaten with pristine aluminum bats the sterilized circuitry of censorship bots. We have poured cups of highly sugared tea into the servers of stupidity. ... I got to stop before I am charged with treason. I already have the scheme that will supply me that honor completely defined. I can't tell you lest I soil the treason with charges of conspiracy. ROFL