Thursday, March 10, 2011


I just missed two days of Doc40. Times come when the hill seems almost too steep to negotiate. Maybe it was all the excitements of personal archeology, or final weeks of the first real winter the I’ve lived through in years, or perhaps simply the survival work load bowed my back, or the time that’s been wasted for me by corporate entities that want to take over everything but cannot in reality plot an accurate flow chart for the proverbial piss up in the equally proverbial brewery. And then, on top of it, the TV news is relaying the first top-gun rattling of another fucking oil war, which fills me with a drained depression because, in addition to the graft and carnage, a hideous majority of modern conservatives would – in their ignorance – love to put capitalism economics on a permanent war footing.

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yesyesyes said...

After you left our shores I was as is this bear - then my computer just said no. On another screen I've found this page again - I'm no longer missing the 20th century - yay