Friday, March 11, 2011


Taking in the sheer scale of a massive natural disaster is never easy, and the devastation in Japan is no exception. To make the idea more manageable I can only reduce it to concern for friends and loved ones in the danger zone, and attempts to relate it to previous personal experience. I went through the 7.1 Northridge quake in Los Angeles, and that was quite scary enough. I can barely imagine how an 8.9 might have felt. Beyond that the disaster can only really create a sense of complete awe and reluctant awareness of just how small a human being can be when compared to the size of the entire planet with tectonic plates in motion. I already know that some of my friends in Japan are okay and I hope that others are also safe. That’s all I can really say except that it doesn’t quite seem the time for fun and gags, Frozdicks and gratuitous beauties. More a moment for sober reflection. I’ll see you all tomorrow. 


mrjohn said...

I was on the 20th floor in Tokyo and I was down the back staircase and out of the building before the shaking stopped

that was scary

Ed Ward said...

Apparently Skype will work if you can't get through by phone. Some of my friends have had that work for them.

Löst Jimmy said...

Well written Mick