Saturday, January 08, 2011


Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday, a date we never fail to celebrate here at Doc40. As time passes, though, it becomes hard once more to reiterate the impact of the man on both my life and world culture in the 20th century and after. Even with Elvis, the time comes when one starts to run short on new approaches to the celebration. I guess we could take this picture as something of a metaphor. I mean, there’s Elvis so way-cool on his Harley, but who the fuck are the two fat squares standing behind him? Conservative harbingers of the calories and compromises to come?

Click here for Elvis (and the legendary Boots Randolph)

The secret words are Thank You.

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Mike said...

Purveyors of rebellion.
Elvis Presley takes delivery of his 1957 Harley-Davidson FLH. In the center is Sales and Service Manager "Big" Al McAlexander and at the right is Dealer B. W. Barfield (Mr. B.) of the Memphis (Tenn.) Harley-Davidson Co.
Elvis bought all his bikes from Big Al's.