Saturday, January 08, 2011


I really have to stop lifting stuff from Dangerous Minds, but when I saw the item on Star magazine from the 1970s. I had totally forgotten about it’s existence, although I half recall how, at the time, I wrote a piece about it for NME. Star was a publication that looked to capitalize on the cocaine-Quaalude-tequila-blowjob groupie decadence of Hollywood in the glam 1970s when very young women were pimped to spoiled rotten imperial rock stars at Rodney Bigenheimer’s English Disco. Star only lasted five issues. The world kinda decided it was too tasteless to live, but there is a website dedicated to it’s memory. (Click here)

Memories of the time are also preserved on Wikipedia…
"Pamela Des Barres wrote, "You couldn’t trust the new LA groupies, who were desperate, discouraged, groveling ego seekers. The love of music had become secondary to preening in Star magazine, standing next to Anybody In A Band. It was scary out there. It was fictitious and haunted." Her feelings were shared by Bebe Buell, who recalled, "There were also a large number of strange-looking young girls dressed up like Christmas ornaments rushing around, or just camping around in front of some rock star’s (hotel) rooms with their coolers and radios. This was a new breed of groupie. They were about fourteen (sometimes twelve) and were aggressive. They were harsh on other females attached to their heroes. You could easily get tripped, kicked, smacked, or have your hair pulled." Pleasant Gehman later wrote, "We were a crowd of groupies, teenage hustlers, bisexual schoolgirls, and fringy, juvenile sluts looking for a good time.”

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Jon said...

Wow, it was full of words. You mean 15 year olds sat there and read words?
Actually, I hated the '70's and hated being young in the '70's. I was so very, very happy when I had a chance to fling "youth culture" back in the face of it's scumbag promoters. This is really interesting from a distance of almost 40 years but I would have hated it had I seen it back then.

Jon said...

Oh and here's a funny foot note. I saw they had an article on the girls of Hollywood High. In 1973, even though I was from New Jersey, I was hanging out with the former members of the Hollywood High Maoist collective.