Sunday, May 30, 2010


Donuts? Yes, donuts. Hardly the breakfast of champions, but how about law enforcement or Homer Simpson? With a coffee, or a coke, or even a glass of milk? Plus a shot of Jack if it’s one of those mornings, and certainly a joint. Maybe it’s inviting a heart attack but it really does help when you're trying figure out how the nephilim will react when they return to Earth and see what’s happened to the ten thousand year-old genetic experiment, and how Victor Renquist will deal with that reaction.

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The secret word is Dough


Löst Jimmy said...

Today it was a white coffee with Bacon Rolls at work; the usual Monday (read: Moan-day) treat for the great unwashed. Donuts I can readily manage at any time of days, it fits the Scottish Deep Fried Diet Menu.

aaron said...

At first I wanted the donuts. Now I want to read the next Renquist book more than ever. I might die if you tell us there will be a Yancey Slide appearance.

Mick said...

The way the book is shaping -- and it's early days yet -- all things are possible.

Coop said...

Can't wait to read it!