Monday, May 31, 2010


(You may have to be nearly as old as I am to get the joke.)

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Diamond Jim said...

All I can say is "you go grrls!"

Ian said...

How I envy that shotgun... Still got my original gatefold copy, sent out from the UK by my grannie in '68, bless her.

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

I'm old enough and know the original you reference.

Brusquelles said...

Dear iDoc,

Though I've been raised in a religious respect to Mr Hendrix by a French mother, I have apparently missed the point and pasted the picture on my blog with a miserable ignorance. I would nevertheless not mind to be enlighted by your 'experience' and read again on your bloggy blog some pleasant pleasure.

Yours iSincerely,


Mick said...

Dear Busquelles, Sorry I forgot to credit your blog as the source of the image. I was distracted. To understand the joke you have to know the original UK cover of Electric Ladyland that was censored in the USA. Here's a link to a reproduction.

Brusqu'elles said...

Dear iDoc,

I confirm this was not the lp cover authorized in France, thank you for the helpful hint.
Hard to be offended by any 'lack' of credit for this picture or another since we all just use the available wandering wastes at the surface of the e-Limbos.

Always a pleasure to read your diagnosis, Doc.

Yours iSincerely,