Monday, October 20, 2008


In the course of my web wanderings, I discovered this website with links to free downloads of the one single by Lunar Malice – a brief band formed back in the 1990s by Andy Colquhoun, Jack Lancaster, and me – and also my 1978 single Broken Statue which is damned super-fine. The only snag is that it’s all in Spanish. (Click here.)


Anonymous said...

Should have worked harder on your Scout Communications Badge, Michael.

He seems to be rather obssessed with everybody's balls. They normally are in Spain.

To whit:

"Who's got the balls to say this is not a fuckin' bomb?"

"Mick Farren, Larry Wallis and the usual gang struttin' their stuff with three pairs of balls somewhere round 79, everbody go sweat."

Mick said...

Valerie, you are invaluable!

Anonymous said...

If you scroll up and down real fast it looks like the shell casings are flying out of the Tommy Gun.

Gerin said...

Yeah, but can't you see that these are just the tracing bullets.