Thursday, July 04, 2013



Kinda hard for us Brits to share the July 4th fireworks. I was our ass you kicked out.

“We refer to "the mainstream" meaning MSM – but that is a term we all need to stop using. To refer to THE CORPORATE MEDIA as "the mainstream media" is to imply that the alternative is "fringe". Corporate media dominate the airwaves and many newspapers, thus they still dominate public opinion--but even in the US, people are increasingly turning to the internet where there is a much wider spectrum. The economic power of corporations gives them all kinds of political power--we need not give them legitimacy as well by calling their media outlets "mainstream." This story is a fine example of how extreme the supposed "mainstream" is--everyone is in agreement that a whistleblower who exposed massive government surveillance of essentially everybody, is a "traitor", really? While corruption is rampant throughout government, banksters go unpunished for obvious massive fraud and a guy who scrawled messages on sidewalk in front of Bank of America branches in San Diego is beginning a trial today, facing years in prison and his lawyer is not allowed to mention the First Amendment?

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The secret word used to be Liberty 


Goozer Jones said...

Don't ever antagonize The Corporation. They rule the world and they will kill you. Or keep you waiting in a Russian airport.

Dale said...

It was ever thus. Great Britain ran shit over the globe for a golden age,then America took a squat. they've both a lot to answer for.

Mick said...

No arguement from me on that score.

Mr Jones said...

Don't let the USA and our ex-colonial bosses take all the discredit. Over the centuries, the Spanish, the Dutch and the French all lowered their pants over the rest of the World. There's plenty of countries in Africa, South America (and a couple in Europe) who could with some justification knock up a banner reading "Those . . . . . . . . .* bastards"
(*fill in colonial despot as fitting)

Mick said...

Not to mention the Belgians up the Congo.

Anonymous said...

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the SAME!
There however, is even a larger casualty of war than truth, and this is the expansion of ignorance. Along with the global banking/military industrial complex’s shadow war against all of humanity, they have also been waging a covert war to control everyone’s minds. Like lemmings that follow each other over a cliff, the majority of humanity today continues to blindly follow their politicians and leaders down a path that will end in their financial deaths. Chris Hedges provided a fine update to Aeschylus’s centuries old statement with his own version: “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” And how is this accomplished? By the global elite’s use of police that have pledged to “protect and serve” but instead “oppress and terrorize.”

The full article is here:

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr

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