Sunday, June 02, 2013


This scene is, of course one of those George Jetson futures of which we were so cruelly deprived. Where’s my fucking rocket car and android attendants? Perhaps my extreme ire at being so heinously let down is the reason I now no longer trust the robots. HAL 9000, Skynet, Colossus the Forbin Project and all the other renegade droids who turn on their creators only compact my fears. Ray Kurzweil and his mates at Google look forward with great optimism to the Singularity when the machines are smarter tha we are. I fear that any self aware and self respecting AI would view the way we humans carry on and deem us destructive, dangerous and only suitable for eradication.

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The secret word is Pod


Jan Hagel said...

Is it so difficult to become smarter than humans?

G Jones said...

Machines can be sex maniacs too, as in "The Demon Seed" when rape-bot Proteus IV shagged Julie Christie.

Anonymous said...

Here I am in the 21st century
I have to say it ain't as cool as I hoped it would be
No man on the moon, nobody on Mars
Where the hell is my flying car?
Ain't nothing even like a teletransporter so far

It's hard times in the new millenium
Gettin' by on just the bare minimum
Everything to lose and nothing to spare
Going to hell and nobody cares
Ain't the future that Kennedy promised me
In the 21st century

Finally come to the age of Aquarius
And if we live through the Mayan apocalypse
There'll be pie in the sky above lemonade springs
A goddamn American utopian dream
If you believe that then you're more optimistic than me

Lights out in the heart of America
No love in a time of hysteria
It's head for the hills, every man for himself
Nobody helping out nobody else
Ain't the way that the Maharishi said it would be
In the 21st century

Pray for guidance, beg forgiveness
Vote for change and hope they find this
Only thing I know for sure is:
We stand now on the verge of history
The world can be anything that we want it to be

Where there's a will, there's a way
When there's a fire, there's a spark
Out in the streets, downtown in the park
Baby, the future's just waitin' on you and me
In the 21st century

Steve Earle

stu said...

'Jan,ffs chief,strip away all the crap,find yourself on your uppers & thrown back on yourself & see clearly,& you'll find we are generally fantastic. Fuck this 'man is a blight' shite.grr.

Peromyscus said...

Your flying car is in this tree:

Jan Hagel said...

Hey Stu, you really believe in mankind, dont you?That's so sweet ...

Plus, I like this line in the comments section: Please prove you're not a robot

Anonymous said...

It is always disconcerting to learn you are no longer top of the heap.

Jan Hagel said...

... said the tyrannosaurus.