Thursday, May 02, 2013


These are wolves. I am inordinately fond of wolves. They are socialized, and organised. The stories of them attacking humans are largely superstitious nonsense. The agri-industry want to exterminate them because farmers believe they threaten profits by carrying off a small percentage of livestock. Others, like a former governor of Alaska and VP candidate, just to kill them for fun and to make themselves feel good and powerful. There is a thriving tourist industry that takes punters up in a helicopter to slaughter wolves with AR15s. Napalm is too good for these bastards. 

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The secret word is Cruelty


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. When the kids were little we went to a zoo where the wolves had a wood. They never appeared for anyone to see, didn't even howl. I was strangely glad yet sad they were there at all. We went to San Diego zoo as well and they were in a little cage pacing back and forth in a state close to madness, as if they knew we were British and felt like that too. It broke my heart. Love wolves - thanks Mick.

Anonymous said...

I've raised chickens free range on my rural upstate New York farm, where we've continually lost birds to coyotes and foxes. It doesn't matter in the balance. We are homesteaders with zero commercial focus. We've a few wolves about as well due to our neighboring 600 acres state game lands where the authorities release many species of predators (while denying their existence and affiliation with). I've seen pictures posted locally of mountain lions and heard several reports of black panthers. The bears are more plentiful than habitat supports as well. Raising honey bees (under risk of extinction) is reported to be increasingly difficult per the bears destroying hives. The deer population is extremely dense and more are killed by autos than hunters. There's no shortage of wild game here, just a shortage of hunters. The greatest frequency of "evil" is likely the continued purchase of commercially raised chicken in grocery stores. The poor birds are raised under the cruelest conditions, to secure cheap prices. Zoos and commercial farming speak to the core of mankind as a futile and unnecessary race. I hope to see the day when cities collapse around the globe. Then there will be wolves.

Raymond J Raupers Jr
aka Woodchuck Pirate USA