Thursday, May 16, 2013


Russell Hunter (the Deviants drummer) has emailed me yesterday
“Wandering under the Westway on Sunday, we discovered this.
You are first in line on the Portobello Road Wall of Rock'n'Roll
Fame! (At least a third of the others are dead, so you're also
ahead on that score.)” Which I though was pretty fucking cool!

The secret word is Bask


jago said...

Well in Mick.

Ian said...

That's as "blue plaque" as it gets! Fantastic, and an overdue recognition of (counter) cultural significance.

Looking forward to seeing Mick and the D's at Sonic Rock (Mick any chance of an interview for Terrascope Online?).

Mick said...

No problem. I'd love to. Email me at

Maggie M'Gill said...

Well done Mick. Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Forgotten, but not gone.

Annmarie said...

And now he is gone but certainly not forgotten.