Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, actually no. Not quite. Elvis is long dead and the Zombies of Corporate Capitalism have us by the global balls. This is a reprint of one of those angry diatribes by our pal Chris Hedges that we have made a regular feature on Doc40. Here’s an excerpt. Do read the rest.

“Corporations write our legislation. They control our systems of information. They manage the political theater of electoral politics and impose our educational curriculum. They have turned the judiciary into one of their wholly owned subsidiaries. They have decimated labor unions and other independent mass organizations, as well as having bought off the Democratic Party, which once defended the rights of workers. With the evisceration of piecemeal and incremental reform—the primary role of liberal, democratic institutions—we are left defenseless against corporate power.” (Click here for the rest)

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The secret word is Uprising


Goozer Jones said...

The Hedges piece was incredibly passionate and incendiary, the kind of thing I wish I got from the news.
All of which does not excuse the lack of nekked chix.

Mick said...

We don't do nekked chix. It;s gorgeous women, Goozer. But I take your point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

Ray Manzarek is now in the underworld...gonna write a novel about it?