Monday, March 18, 2013


A few weeks ago my pal and poet the excellent Ben Graham conducted a marathon interview round here at Alexandra Villas and finally it’s posted. Just click here and it's your’s for the reading.

Click here for the inevitable Elvis

The secret word is Promotion 


The Beast of Ettrick said...

I enjoyed the interview, interesting views about the revolution or lack of!
Cheers Dude.

Aleleeinn said...

Haven't been by here for a while. BUT Memphis Psychosis came on my player this morning and Disgruntled Employeee yesterday after I took manditory CBTs on workplace violence. If that isn't an invite from the back gods I'm loosing my connection to the weird.
HELLO Mick. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Always good to read your words and yes, Morrison's Adventures is a fabulous book, forever on my precious books shelf.

mrjohn said...

That's a good interview

Aleleeinn said...

It was a good interview.
I've got my own question to ask. What made you do Disgruntled Employee. did you get exposed to the violence in the workplace training or just saw all these people going off.
You covered everything in my training except a domestic violence partner coming to his wife's place of employment to kill her.

Mick said...

To be absolutely truthful, I made it up based on the general backwash of news reports (and maybe a dash of Travis Bickel.) I tried, in a first person narrative, to put myself in the killer’s mind, his rage, his paranoia, at the point of quiet but wholly irrational contemplation that would constitute a calm before the terminal storm. I give no reason. I didn’t think they were needed.

Aleleeinn said...

Well, those corporate shrinks owe you royalties.
BTW, The whole disc is good. I've already mentioned Memphis Psychosis. I like the youtube film version a lot. Been down that road a few times, well maybe it was a different road, but I hate those damned bats.

Anonymous said...

Who gave the cat fucking ketamine man?