Sunday, February 24, 2013


“Farren has a habit – when he can be bothered to make a Sunday post in the dismal wake of Saturday night – of running something under the generic title of “Sunday Breakfast” which can about pretty much anything – bacon, bourbon, or baroque behavior, rubber or rubbing alcohol. And this is immediately followed by something called “Marilyn Sez…” in which I contribute some smart-ass one liner of either the great cynicism or morbid philosophy of which only a dead movie goddess, deeply embedded in the conspiracy theories of the 20th century, would be capable. Today, the two have finally melded and we wonder if this is a coincidence, a happy accident, or a deliberate penetration of a major reality membrane possibly engineered by agents of Ah Puch the Destroyer. And talking of membranes and Ah Puch the Destroyer older Doc40 readers will recall that this all started with an inter-reality psycho-fi quasi-fumetti called “The Adventures Of Marilyn” that concluded when I decided I didn’t want to be a Dionysian agent in the Apollonian War On Chaos and more. The “The Adventures Of Marilyn” may be long gone but the classic episodes are still entombed in their own blog and you are all invited to revisit it. Just click here (but remember it’s a blog and it runs backwards. What else in psycho-fi?)

Click here for Marilyn
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The secret word is Combine


Jersey Mutant said...

This has to be the funniest thing I read all weekend.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

And, after all this time, made for a great pay-off as we have kept pace with Mick/Marilyn's near weekly words of wisdom.