Sunday, February 17, 2013


So the Maya got it wrong, the meteorite did hit us in the Urals and cause a shitload of  grief but the big boy – the 150 ft city-killer – missed us by a whisker. All of which leaves with not much to laugh at this weekend except the absurd and totally hypocritical Euro horsemeat horror. Get real people. Eating Black Beauty is no more or no less ethical than eating Daisy or Babe. I schooled myself long ago that, while I remained a carnivore, I would never think too much about the brown mystery meat in a Big Mac.

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The secret word is Abattoir 


Anonymous said...

68% of people do not think there is any actual health risk from horsemeat getting into the food chain and 37% say that, if it was properly sourced, they would be prepared to eat horsemeat.

From UK polling report.
I say bring on the Sureger Burger.

some girl said...

hahaha. like you'd eat a big mac.

Mick said...

It has been known.

Ralph said...

'Sir Michael Phillip Jagger escorts Miss Jerry Hall : Sunday Afternoon Promenade, Richmond Park, 1760.'
Artist Unknown.