Sunday, February 10, 2013


So how full is a Full English? (And wasn't there an episode of The Simpsons based on this all-you-can-eat concept?)

“The Kidz Breakfast, available at the Jesters Diner in Norfolk, UK, isn't on the children's menu. The meal got its name because it weighs as much as a baby. If you can eat this massive version of the traditional full English breakfast in one hour, it's free:
Consisting of a dozen sausages, 12 bacon rashers and enough eggs to be produced from a coop of chickens in a week, Jesters Diner's fry-up in Great Yarmouth contains more than 6,000 calories and weighs in at 9lb (4.08kg). But despite hundreds being sold after it was first put on the menu 18 months ago, only one person has managed to eat "the baby".
"Only one man has finished it - Robert Pinto," said 43-year-old cafe owner Martin Smith, who said he had seen his business boom since his mammoth breakfast hit the headlines a year ago. "We knew he was coming because he called up and we booked him in. We just thought he was another have-a-go hero. No-one else had even got halfway through."
Mr. Pinto, a competitive eater, finished his in 26 minutes.”

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The secret word is Lard

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