Friday, February 22, 2013


The good guys at Headpress have just published Gathering Of The Tribes: Music and Heavy Conscious Creation to which I contributed an essay on Elvis, Nick Cave, and Satan. Today our pals at Dangerous Mind posted an excerpt….

“Even the most cursory theological (or even Reichian) shakedown will reveal that rock’n’roll has quantum multiples of the potential mythic/mystic power ever commanded by conventional Satanism. Where so much of contemporary Satanism—with its upside down crosses, modified but still liturgical robes and rituals, its ammended litanies, the serving of a faux-Eucharist from the naked torso of an immobilized cooch dancer on bad acid (shout out, hey, Susan Atkins!)—reveals it as nothing nothing more than an inverted critique of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. (Much in the way that Marxism was essentially a critique of Victorian capitalism rather than a stand alone philosophy.)

Click here for a whole lot more excerpt and a video

The secret word is Shotgun

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