Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This comment on an item on Common Dreams started me wondering if corporate capitalism actually wants to reshape the entire world in its own image. Because that image is ugly in the extreme..  

“It is in the SELF Interest of Mosanto for the natural honeybee population to go extinct as Mosanto develops its own genetically modified bee. The less natural honeybees, the greater the profits for Mosanto. So it is with the fish farming industry and companies like Aquabounty. It is in their self interests for the natural population of salmon to vanish. This will maximize their profits. These "self interests" collide with anothers "self interest". So the consumer that wants to eat organic and avoid these GMO products will have a direct impact on the "self interest" of the Company wishing to force their own product on them. It is in the "self interest" of the Politicians to side with the Corporations. They will receive outight bribes from the Corporations, be assured cushy jobs with the Corporation once their JOB is done, and see all manner of monies come their way when they are campaigning for office from those Corporations. "Self Interest" is the holy grail of the Randians and the Libertarians and those that speak to the magic of "The market". To them it a wonderful thing. Interest in only the self is leading to destruction of our Natural World across the entire globe.” Click here for the whole story.

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Jan Hagel said...

Due to all that genetic engineering going on, we will all look really funny whwn we die - which will be rather soon.