Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Some may disagree but if your bank is going to be crooked (and that seems inevitable) I think it’d rather have it laundering dope money than throwing folks out of their homes.  


mtl said...

HSBC ended up paying about 4 weeks worth of profit, and no one went to jail. This should be the tipping point that illustrates how foolish it has been to treat corporations as persons. They clearly are not. If they are not subject to the same penalties for bad behavior, they cannot recieve the same rights and priviledges.

Anonymous said...

But they do, they do.

That's how they like it and how they're going to keep it, thank you Lanny Breuer.

Xbanker said...

As the entire financial system teetered on the brink in 2008 (and believe me, it really really did) the only liquidity that banks actually had to put physical hard cash into the economy to enable the daily purchase of life's necessities, came from the billions of dollars laundered daily by the drug business and similar 'criminal' enterprises (some admittedly, more unpleasant than others)