Saturday, January 19, 2013


People seem to be writing nice things about me. I stumbled across this on an old io9

“For a speculative fiction ride of sex, drugs, and rock&roll that's less experimental (ahem, easier to read), I prefer Mick Farren, singer of the proto-punk band The Deviants, White Panther Party member, and Elvis scholar. Out of print, but well worth the hunt, are his multiverse romps in The DNA Cowboys Trilogy and Necrom, some truly weird fun shit. The dimension-tripping demon Yancey Slide from those adventures also turns up in the more recent Kindling and Conflagration He also wrote the Victor Renquist novels, a series of vampire novels that aren't totally lame. 2002's Underland has the CIA, vampires, and Nazis duking it out with flying saucers in the Hollow Earth beneath Antarctica. Yeah. Hell, just track down anything you can by Mick Farren.”

While this was on Disinformation (and I was alerted to it by our good pal Rich Dana of Obsolete.

“Truthfully, I wasn’t even totally stoked on Illuminatus. Kind of thought it was structured almost intentionally lazily which gave him (and Robert Shea) the ability to write down whatever thoughts happened to pop into their heads while they were stoned with zero regard for structure. Because of that I would actually recommend the much more underrated DNA Cowboys Trilogy by Mick Farren if you’re into this sort of epic mindfuckery. Mick Farren is crazy under-appreciated, just saying.”

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Mr Kite said...

Ahhh...Ms Catto. Still have my original copies. Some of the few books that made it across to Canada.

Paulo Rodrigues said...

I love those books so much that I bought the reprint so the originals wouldnt fall apart.

It would be great if you could publish them for kindle or the like. Then i could have a copy of them with me at all times and it would allow you to reach a new audience

Mick said...

The good news is that it's actually happening as we speak. An outfit called Ink Monkey are working on it, The Texts of Festival is pretty much done -- with a audio insert by me reading and Andy on guitar -- and now they're gearing up to do The DNA Cowboys trilogy.

mtl said...

I still wish that you would read them to me, as an audio book available on Audible.
I already have multiple copies.
4 x texts of festial 2 avon and 2 hart-davis macGibbon, 4 x quest of the DNA cowboys on mayflower, 3Synaptic Manhunt mayflower (2 after a 20 yr search, the third after Ebay started). 3 Neural atrocity mayflower and 2 of the do-not-press compilation (1 hard 1 soft). 82 volumes in total covering almost all of your work.
I admit it was the loan/loss of Synaptic Manhunt that has driven my collecting, and led to your prominence in my library.