Sunday, December 16, 2012


I think I need a drink. A Cuba Libre? I played a show with The Deviants on Friday night, and, like the codger that I am, I rested up yesterday and it was only when I turned on my computer that I found the long breaking news feed on the deadly insanity in Connecticut. I wasn’t being fair but I was suddenly damn glad that I’d left America. It wasn’t so much the crime itself. Such things happen and they are both mind-wrenchingly tragic and close to inexplicable. What worries me more are the minor monsters who slither from the woodwork in the wake of this kind of horror. Check these two comments lifted at random and unedited from the Murdoch-owned New York Daily News online… 

"Finding out the REASON for these killings makes the deaths have meaninig. The REASON behind these shootings, which needs to be exposed is that PSYCH MEDS cause suicide, homicide and are being used to genocide the whole world. ALl the mass shooters were on them. The REAL CULPRITS are psychiatrists; these shooters are victims too. Remember Levi Aron? Who killed Leiby Kletzky - Levi's sister died on a psych hospital from suicide caused by the drugs. Levi was ON psych drugs and used them to kill Leiby. He did to the kid what was done to HIM by psychiatry. Same story everywhere. stThe columbine shooters were ON psych drugs AND taking a death ed class. In the 90s many schools had them and the suicide rates shot up duh. WHy? the social engineers who RUN mental health and education want to depopulate the pl
anet by 90% and mind control everyone thru drugs. Brave New world by Aldous Huxley was the blueprint for them - a fascist society where everyone is drugged for control. Huxley said "a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses" meaning, the "supposedly scientific" mental health system which is atheistic and FALSELY calls Christians and everyone with spiritual experiences and beliefs schizophrenic. The murderers are the drs who drug people. The drugs brainwash peple. Al the major assassins were brainwashed patsies - one of the reasons is to justify GUN Control laws to disarm the population so we cant protect ourselves from the government. It is ALL MANIPULATION. They WANT us to beg the government to protect us. Remember SON OF SAM David Berkowitz? He became a born again Christian 12 years ago and is nO LONGER CRAZY. He says he WAS crazy due to dabbling in the occult wjhich opened him to demonic possession .THat testimony is important and people need to hear it - that JESUS HEALS People of Mental and Physical illness. IF berkowitz had been killed, nobody would hear his testikmony. what use is that/ He sholuld be set FREE so MILLIONS can hear his story - THEN his victims at least won't have died in vain. See my website, free books and articles at HOw to be healed, saved & born again. Jesus heals The mental health system is a front for nazi genocide QUOtes showing the real agendas behind mental health and education ILlluminati mind conttrol in psych drugs, music and education."

Or try this one…

"More to the point, the anti-gun laws failed repeatedly as they do with criminals who ignore them. The 'Gun Free School Zone" policy is not only a total failure, it's a magnet for mass-killers, might as well paint a bullseye on every school. See, when law abiding citizens see 'gun free zone', they know not to bring a firearm anywhere near it. But when criminals see a gun-free zone, they see it as a green light, a soft target of opportunity. No law would have stopped this psycho-geek who apparently was known to many in ewtown to be dangerous. One armed school official - teacher, janitor, principal - would have. But the liberal rats in the media and their big mouth big city ghoul mayors will laugh at that, preferring instead to disarm the citizens so that their gutter accomplices in the criminal world can more readily prey on them. Keeps the Elites in power."

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JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

it's a sad fact of life, guns kill, but wot's even sadder is people die from hunger & dirty drinking water in the third world every day and one gives a fuck, but when death knocks at a nice middle class door, every one has to stop & cry, otherwise your a cunt..and you have the balls to call me crazy!
btw; in the land of the free, the only thing free is death_

Anonymous said...


Mr Jones said...

Well said, JoHnny - whether comparative degrees of sadness can be applied to pointless untimely deaths anywhere and anyhow is perhaps pedantically debatable, but the hypocritical verbal diarrhoea generated by the one, compared to the brutal racist indifference to the other is indeed disgusting.
To be sure, death is free and murder is cheap, only human decency is obviously prohibitively expensive.