Thursday, December 20, 2012


Even at the end of the world you can count of the NY Post. Under the banner…

"All the horny hubbub has been caused by a doomsday prediction made by the ancient Mayan calendar, which predicts the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, at 11:11 a.m.
While some people around the world are arming themselves and digging into bunkers, many New Yorkers are simply hoping for a hot time. “I will be looking for an end-of-the-world hook-up,” Dennis Cintron, 29, a Lower East Side bartender, told The Post. “If you’re going to go out, go out with a bang.” Click here for more.

Click here for Jerry Lee

That secret word is Climax


Fred said...

Sounds more like a whimper to me.

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

it's possible to sell shite to the Jesus coming, or is that too much to ask..

I was siting home alone one night in LA
Watching old Cronkite on the seven o'clock news
It seems there was an earthquake that
Left nothing but a Panama hat
And a pair of old Greek shoes
Didn't seem like much was happening
So I turned it off and went to grab another beer
Seems like every time you turn around
There's another hard-luck story that you're gonna hear
And there's really nothing anyone can say
And I never did plan to go anyway
To Black Diamond Bay.


Maggie M'Gill said...

'Desire' was NME's album of the year in '76, from memory. They were wrong.

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

Oi the multiverse there is no space nor time...without sounding like a 'blessed-out' hippie..when u wake up each morning, it's always today, it's always right now..hahaHa~