Sunday, November 11, 2012


It’s a rare weekend when I can get up on a Sunday morning like I truly deserve a Bloody Mary and a bacon sandwich because the preceding week was not for once enclosed in a complete fog of blurred and distorted cosmic anti-matter and I don’t need to slither illicitly out of bed like a reluctant reptile. Obama was re-elected and, no matter how he let us down during the first term, at least the Gates of Conservative Hell didn’t swing open. I know New York and New Jersey are still a mess but can I be forgiven for being relieved that this time it isn’t happening to me. I figure we’ll all get our share of doomsday weather in due course. But can I think about that tomorrow and, for today, go on grinning at how the Director of the CIA – Bush’s favourite general – has totally screwed himself and dumped his career by fucking a good looking biographer, and maybe more? And can I feel all good and smug because three US states have legalized marijuana, while in Europe the concept that an economy can be saved by the draconian exploitation of the poor seems to be losing its already spurious philosophical support and the Bundesbank should be backing off if it knows what’s good for it? This may all be undue optimism and no doubt paranoid calamity will crash in on us tomorrow, but will you all allow me a day at the rose-tinted monitor?

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The secret word is Eternal


JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

that's a well written piece m8.. perhaps the world is a better place on a warm afternoon in early November..have your-self a small cigar and a can of 'export'..probably the best lager in the world for ya trouble..
btw; put ya hand in your pocket for Darren Hayman & the Long Parliment's new Cd..The Violence..the story of the Essex Witch trials of the 17th's the 'bollocks'_

jago said...

I think I'll have me a slice of that nice piece of optimism.