Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Amazing! This is the last thing I expected.

“Lemmy has sent an election message to the US, decrying the Republican presidential nominee as a "fucking monster". In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Motörhead leader pleaded with Americans: "Please, please don't vote for Mitt Romney. Fuck him. Repeal abortion law is the first thing he'll do." Lemmy is not famed for his political involvement, frequently denying any ideological motive behind his collection of Nazi memorabilia. However, he was steadfast in his view on the presidential race. He suggested the US had not been ready for an African-American president in the form of Barack Obama, "because they're trying to drag him down now. I mean, the poor fucker's only just gotten rid of all that George Bush shit that he left, or is trying to. And he's being stonewalled by the fucking Congress all the time. I don't know how he's gotten anything done. They should be glad. I mean the alternative is Mitt Romney."

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Then secret word is Vote


JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

do the Devils work..where are your balls DoC..??
if voting changed anything, it would be illegal..listen to yourself old man..there's no skin on the bone _

fuck 'em!

hcb said...

Does Obama endorse Lemmy?

Anonymous said...

Would Motorhead get away with playing "Ace Of Spades" at the Inaugural Ball?

Diamond Jim said...

Would you get away with that joke under your real name?

Ralph said...

Just goes to prove what I've always known having had the pleasure to meet him on occasions: Lemmy is one of the most astute, humane and clear-thinking people in rock 'n' roll. Lemmy for Mount Rushmore - one steeped in rock deserves to be carved in it!

Comment No. 3 was always on the cards I guess. Probably a goodbye shot from a Festered Republican, faced with having to crawl back under their stone for another four years. Byeeeeee!

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

btw...your m8 with the nasty habits..tell him it's the anniversary this weekend of the Kristallnacht..the night of broken glass..when Hitler's thugs broke all things Jewish & the rest of ya looked the other way..mustn't grumble thou'..those SS gold rings are now highly collectable..you choose your friends well DoC..hate to think wot your enemies are like !

Smut Clyde said...

It's a Bomber!