Sunday, October 14, 2012


As I was eating my eggs and toast while looking at the Gmail, the following came in from HCB. It’s a quote from Gershon Legman’s 1967 book The Fake Revolt reproduced on the Arouse Your Passion website. G. Legman was an old school bohemian who liked sex, but hated hippies, rock & roll, feminism, and gays – but may well have been gay himself. I’d forgotten all about him and it was nice to be reminded of the insults of yesteryear.

“The New Revolt nowadays consists therefore of a bunch of inarticulate long-haired adolescents, without leadership and without a program, trying to mouth prepared goon-bait such as "existential" and "psychedelic," being shoved on them by psychological pushers that nobody can arrest. If that's your kids and you don't like it, just be thankful they aren't members of the same Fake Revolt one layer down: the motorcycle fags and hoodlums who peddle their bodies to homosexuals in public toilets for money to buy Nazi insignia, but who are scared of girls unless there are enough other hoodlums present to gang-bang them or pull out their front teeth with pliers and throw them to their death from apartment-house roofs. The dirty girls available for this type of work do not require description - either before or after. They are somebody's daughters too, and were also brought up on the "media," and hassled into frothing in their panties publicly over well-publicized pelvic crooners and other pop-culch offal. If you haven't a little LSD dropout in your home, just wander up and down your local Freak-Out Bar area, not forgetting a side-trip to the "S.& M." (sado-masochistic) or "Sadie-Maisie" homosexual bars, such as those on New York's fashionable East Side, for the meaner types of homosexual gangsters - also on motorcycles - and businessmen-delinquents on their off hours, soft-shod rich boys, and art-director types, who like to show what a super-cultured Elite they really are, by chewing dirty socks and beating each other to death.” 

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JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

Oi DoC..that man was on the money, truth always hurts..every word rung true..brings to mind Jack Kerouac in his latter days..never trust a god-damn hippie..should have been a 'skin' m8..more fun..hahaHa ~
btww; just read...zones of chaos this afternoon..(my daughter gave it to me, cost me a 200€ hand-out)...must there a chiney-man in town..??.. is superb..gimmie more & I'll shut the fuck up _

Mick said...

But what would we do without you?

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

oh, mama, oh mama, u can't miss the graveyard..u sure as shit can't miss the 'bone-yard' for the heart old chap.. I'm deaf in one ear..tell ya the truth I lie a-lot too..JoHnny Ace~

stu said...

mmmm dirty girls mmm

Michael Simmons said...

I used to own G. Legman's fat collection of limericks. He was a character. I love his writing here, even though he's talking about us.