Tuesday, October 23, 2012


No matter how one pretends to be ivory towered above the fray, the writer with a book out, even a slim novelette, has get down in the marketplace and shill with the rest. (Johnny de Luxe will probably have some snide comments.) My good friends at Dangerous Minds just ran an excerpt which I really appreciate…

“Doc had been set up like a bowling pin. Sub-space gossip about GS-AS Pentecostal Fire Boys with snitches in tow, shaman mumblings from the jungle hinter world of insurrection and planned cannibalism, while much closer to home the ominous silence that follows and envelopes a pariah left him in no doubt that he was being fingered far and wide for Huxley Hahn’s Roman butchery at the notorious Cardinal’s fuck pad. Doc had no idea why he’d been chosen to take the fall – or if the motel interlude at the Red Barn had been a part of a long term setup – but it had clearly been decreed somewhere on the higher floors of Golgotha, and, in consequence, he was royally fucking screwed.” Click here for more

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JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

hahaHa...G'day DoC..too true, I'll knock ya when ya up & kick ya when your down..there are lands between heaven & earth, between heaven & hell..remember the Mickey Rourke movie 'Angel Heart'..
Louis Cyphre wants Harry Angel to find JoHnny..??..just goes to show, one should not be, where one does no belong..the book is good too.
btw; I don't do snide..that's for children..I deal in truth m8..if it pisses ya off I'm sorry..shut the fuck up, get the beers in..luv ya _

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

wanna a good read DoC..??

Red Flags..Juris Jurjevis _

Erik Rider has to take a pop at the Viet Cong..who is growing opium in the jungle, the boys back home want to know..
worth an afternoon of ya time _

btw; I didn't mean to treat u so bad..
you shouldn't take it so personal
you just happen to be there, that's all..hahaHa _