Saturday, September 29, 2012


Pharmaceutical corporations may not machine gum rivals or hang them under bridges, but in most ways, their ethics are all to similar to those of illegal drug dealers.  

“With the patent on OxyContin due to expire soon and almost $3 billion in sales at stake,Motherboard looks at the insidious ways that Purdue Pharma got America hooked, from its touting of time-release effects and controversial trials for kids to a PR blitz encompassing speaker-training conferences, all-expenses-paid symposia, starter coupons, public endorsements, a website full of spin and much dubious advertising in the form of a “public service” program that sang its praises. Worst, the company once dismissed the risks of an addiction that is now known to "bring addicts to their knees," and which has seen the death rate from opioids overdoses triple in just 15 years to now surpass the combined overdose deaths of cocaine and heroin. Today, it's increasingly said Purdue had to know "what the deal was." (Click here for the whole story)

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Your driver said...

The young addicts that I work with tell me that Oxy is over. Many of them became addicted to pharmaceutical opiates but ended up on heroin. Oxy has become very expensive while heroin is cheap and plentiful. Discerning consumers that they are, young people prefer corporate dope because the quality of heroin is erratic. However, the need has been created and they will take what they can get.
By the way, most of these kids are not "druggie" types. They're small town boys and girls who are medicating some kind of inner pain. There are farm boys out there banging whatever kind of dope they can get their hands on before they go out and milk the cows. The attempts to identify Black people with some criminal underground drug culture have never been more false. Drugs are not an inner city problem. The Waltons and The Brady Bunch are locked in their bathrooms probing for a vein.

JoHnny de-Lux ~ said...

just another junkie scum-bag DoC..if ya take too much of anything, your gonna end up with a problem

btw; your playing the wrong tooon m8, yours is for the fucked-off social worker everywhere, try..Revolution Blues..the last few lines, you can't go wrong!