Friday, June 22, 2012


A glowing review by the excellent Ben Graham of last Friday’s poetry show here in Brighton was posted on Facebook. One section, however, gave me cause for a certain old guard pause and posed three possible questions.

1) Have I been doing this for too long?
2) Have my visions become archaic?
3) Do I give a fuck?

“Farren links back to an era when outlaw giants like Burroughs, Thompson and Morrison still strode the earth, and rock n’ roll and outsider poetry were linked, along with wider and more amorphous notions of youth-as-rebel-culture and drugs-as-shamanic-tools, standing firm against the rapacious advances of the military-industrial greedheads and all who served them. Such an era may seem quaint and discredited now from our lonely 21st Century beachhead. And yet we at the Midsummer Poetry Ball still broadly advocate and stand behind such principles.” (Click here for the whole thing.)

So while I’m basking in the wonder of me, KUSF in San Francisco devoted an hpur show to the works of the Deviants plus side project like Tijuana Bible. (Click here for a listen)

And if all that wasn’t enough, here’s a clip of the Deviants’ D-Day show in Wolverhampton.


JoHnny ~ said...

Oi Farren u know I ain't your biggest fan when it comes to your 'lead-vocal' ability..that vid from Wolverhampton was piss poor m8, u would have to,either pay me to watch, hoping I might buy the odd drink, or have your roadies press-gang me to attend.

ask yourself, would u pay good 'brass' to watch someone else turn out pungent crap..??

as for 'septic-tank' they can't tell the difference between shit & 'shiloler'..remember less is more.

btw; the poetry gig was a little better ~

stu said...

it`s `shinoler`,why do you think we want to read your `pungent crap`?

Clark H. said...

It's actually 'Shinola'.

This constant trolling from "JoHnny" is a bigger irritation than the effed up "Content Warning" that Google has slapped on this blog.

Mick, keep up the good work and don't let todgers like "JoHnny" get you down.

JoHnny ~ said...

wot's wrong guys the truth put ya off your food..??
Farren the 'rock-god' has always been crap I'm sorry to say..the trouble is, u need a toooon now & then..Tom Waits can't sing shit, but writes a wikid tune, so does Shane MacGowan, (when ya man is in the land of the living) me one perfect tune from Farren & I will shut the fuck up.

now if ya wanna talk about 'Mick Farren - the writer', that's another story..he's top draw, perhaps not as good as Michael Moorcook, but better than Alan Mooore, that it self is no mean feat...remember wot John Lennon once said..gimme some truth, m8

btw;thx for the 'shinola'..hahaHa

stu said...

lost johnny (if only) ,cheers clark

JoHnny ~ said...

Oi stu..instead of running off at the mouth, learn to trust yourself..u don't need the Deviants,The Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, MotorHead, or any other band from Ladbroke Grove..the 'DoC' will tell ya..if u ain't busy being born, ya busy dying.

old men in gangs are sad..learn to put away childish things..move on!

Diamond Jim said...

Maybe you should take your own advice and move on. Your dreary abuse adds little to the discourse.

JoHnny ~ said...

Oi Mr Mention..wot short memories u old folk process..there was a time when Farren had fire in his belly..had the balls to 'diss' Pete Townshend over the lyric of 'Won't get fooled again'..where were u m8, fighting the revolution with a hand full of'mandies'..??

never trust a fuckin' hippie..hahaHa

Maggie M'Gill said...

Dear God, JoHnny, put a sock in it, why don't you?