Monday, June 25, 2012


Oft times I have complained there – probably ad nauseum – about how the War on Drugs has dragged on and on for more than my entire not inconsiderable lifetime to the detriment of all and the near destruction of Mexico and Columbia. In that time there has been no sign of compromise or even sanity. In a vicious vacuum devoid of all social and philosophical credibility, death and incarceration continue unabated to feed the funds and fantasies of darkest law enforcement, neo-fascist billionaire beer barons, screaming moron media and the politicians who ride it, plus the growing privatised prison industry. Michelle Leonhart is a senior DEA official. Watch this inane power-idiot in action. As our good pal Richard Metzger writes in Dangerous Minds

“Why is someone as blinkered as Michelle Leonhart serving as a top DEA administrator? Her opinion about marijuana being as dangerous as other illegal drugs like heroin, crack, or meth hardly rises to the level of superstition let alone any kind of objective science.
This dumbass obviously has no idea what she is talking about. This is an infuriating display of complete idiocy and willful ignorance. Or else she’s just lying and stonewalling with the DEA party line, of course, but the “deer in the headlights” uncomprehending look on her face as she’s being grilled probably indicates that she’s being sincere. And stupid.”

Click here for the witless La Leonhart 

The secret word is Void


JoHnny ~ said...

come now, u know the folk who wanna keep the reefer under lock & key, are the same folk who have there money washed at the Vatican..they in turn have bought these half wits...job done m8
the secret here is, grow ya own..
up jumped the devil, don't confuse the flowers of hell with the sword of heaven..just say No..hahaHa

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Columbia and Mexico are messed up alright but the winner of the Messed Up By the War On Drugs Derby has to be Honduras.