Friday, June 29, 2012


I suppose it was inevitable. (And could only trigger an impromptu Elvis Friday.)

“Hair samples of Elvis Presley, bought on eBay were sent to a gene sequencing lab to identify different behavioural traits (varied from sociability, athletic performance to obesity and addiction). Using this information, transgenic mice clones with parallel traits were produced. The genetically cloned models of Elvis (in this case) are tested in a collection of various contemporary scientific mouse model environments, simulating some of the significant biographical circumstances of his life.” (Click here for the whole weird story)

Click here for the uncloned Elvis

The secret words are Hillbilly and Cat


Peromyscus said...

It's nice that an artist can make cloned mice based on someone's 'behavioral traits' because as a, y'know, geneticist, I can't.

I suspect a certain amount of "this'll make the proles think!"iness from the artist. Although I admit those look like real dead rodents.

Mike said...

You know that bit in Alien Resurrection where we learn that Ripley is Ripley #8 and that there were 7 earlier, less successful clones...
Does this explain Pat Boone?

“Hair samples of Elvis Presley, bought on eBay..." Just stop right there.

Maggie M'Gill said...

Sunday Breakfast!

stu said...

well,you`d need more than one.

hcb said...

Sunday breakfast: Cloned Elvis mouse in a blender, eggs easy.