Friday, June 08, 2012


I had assumed Ayn Rand was merely dangerous and maybe self-obsessed to the point of psychosis. As it turns out – and according to Robert Anton Wilson in his book Cosmic Trigger Vol II -- she was consistently loaded to the gills on amphetamine…

“The first new dogmatism I embraced after rejecting the Marxist BS (belief system) was Ayn Rand’s philosophy (not yet called Objectivism in those days.) _The Fountainhead_ had exactly the appeal for me that it has retained, decade after decade, with alienated adolescents of all ages. (The average youthful reader of _Thus Spake Zarathustra_ decides he is the Superman, and the average youthful Randroid decides she is an Alienated Super Genius.) Like most Randroids, I went around for a few years mindlessly parroting all the Rand dogma and imagining I was an ‘individualist.’
“Some years later, after becoming a published writer, I actually was invited to meet Ayn Rand once. (I was ‘summoned to the Presence,’ as Arlen said.) I confessed my doubts about certain Rand dogmas and was Cast Out Into the Darkness forever to wail and gnash my teeth in the Realm of Thud. It was weird. I thought the Trots and Catholic priests were dogmatic, but Ayn Rand made both groups look like models of tolerance by comparison. “I thought she was a clinical paranoid. It was nearly 30 years later that I found out Rand was merely on Speed all the time, which creates an effect so much like paranoia that even trained clinicians cannot always tell the difference, and some even claim there is no difference.”

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The secret word is Bomber


JoHnny ~ said...

and the moral to this little gem is wot..??

everybody should not mistake paradise, for that home across the road..btw: 'billy' is a 'dry-bread' drug,it's '2bob' m8.

JoHnny ~ said...

did it escape ya notice, Ray Bradbury popped his mortal coil..??

451 was one of the fist books I bought with mi own dosh..not lift, borrow, never to return _