Friday, May 18, 2012


The US media portray Hugo Chavez as either a clown or a despot but this piece in The Guardian tends to indicate that he may have a possible route to the future.

"The words and inspiration of Chávez have had an effect beyond Venezuela. They have encouraged Argentina to default on its debt; to reorganise its economy thereafter and to renationalise its oil industry. Chávez has helped Evo Morales of Bolivia to run its oil and gas industry for the benefit of the country rather than its foreign shareholders, and more recently to halt the robbery by Spain of the profits of its electric company. Above all, he has shown the countries of Latin America that there is an alternative to the single neoliberal message that has been endlessly broadcast for decades, by governments and the media in hock to an outdated ideology. Now is the time for that alternative message to be heard further afield, to be listened to by voters in Europe. In Latin America, governments following an alternative strategy have been re-elected time and time again, suggesting that it is effective and popular. In Europe, governments of whatever hue that follow the standard neoliberal template seem to fall at the first fence, suggesting that the will of the people is not engaged.” Click here for more

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JoHnny ~ said...

the man is a fuckin' hero..on the side of the angels..take balls to stand firm against the power of the US of A .

sleep with one eye open when u wonder , because every sound u hear might be thunder from the barrel of Uncle Sam ~