Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yes, friends and neighbours, on Wednesday June 6th – after the tiresome jubilee and on the anniversary of D-Day – The Deviants (your actual amazing survivors of the original Deviants and Pink Fairies) will be playing the Robin 2 in Bilston. It’s our very first show in the UK Midlands so click here for details and tickets. 


JoHnny ~ said...

I 'clicked here'..£12 for men that should know better, u must be joking..remember the Titanic sailed at dawn..??
well it's 4.30 pm the following day..your trying to squeeze yourself into those leather pants, u can't do any 'billy' cos ya got a heart murmur..hope ya fixed ya hair..don't foget ya 'bus pass' & most important, don't be an embarrassment..to show ya I'm all heart..GOOD LUCK _

Mick said...

So what exactly do you do to make the world a better place?

Anonymous said...

alright you bitter sod whats bugging you he doesnt wear leather pants , his hair most definitely doesnt need fixing and he has most definitely not got a heart murmur !

JoHnny ~ said...

they're selling postcards of the hanging I see..attack is the best form of defence..Mister Farren you've 'Pat Garrett' wot happen..??

as for the well being of my soul..I turn water into wine.

btw; Anonymous are ya having sex with Farren..?? otherwise,stop being his bitch
I always trust the song, never the singer..if I wanna take me own chair to a gig, I'll see the 'ISB'..hahaHa

stu said...

easy to be cruel harder to be kind-lemmy said that doncha no.
mind you ,morrissey said it first
harDy haa fucKinG haaR

JoHnny ~ said...

don't ask me nothing 'bout nothing then..I might just tell ya the truth..

I'm doing G-d's work..ask yourself, 'is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife & fork'..??

Mr Jones said...

dazed & confused - is it the bus pass, the £12, the imagined fashion outrages, the haircut, the fact that it's even happening, living too long, talking too much, the perception of debility,what exactly is bugging you JOhnny?

cos' I don't know what it is . . .

JoHnny ~ said...

ya wanna know why I'm pissed Mr Jones..??
it's 'mutton dressed up as lamb'..the choice cuts have all gone, we're left with the shite.

let's pretend Farren hasn't got a 'pension-book'..I won't make any age-related jokes because I genuinely feel bad about old he is.

wot happen to playing on the back of a truck..if ya ain't busy being born, ya busy dying..that's a lot of crap..everyone now work's for the 'Yankee Dollar'

still there m8..??

ever get the feeling you've been had..hahaHa

Anonymous said...

I dont think he or any of the band think age is a problem why would it be and as for you Johnny who he is fucking is none of youre buisness but as you know you cant trust a poet so theres always safety in numbers !

JoHnny ~ said...

the 'darby & joan club' is eatin' me alive m8..hahaHa

btw: poetry is written by fools, for fools, does that include U..??