Sunday, May 27, 2012


So we’re all still here and the world didn’t end (see last Friday) and it’s an unusually sunny day here in Brighton and there’s really nothing to laugh at all except that Ronald Weinland is an idiot. Now on to December 21st. 

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The secret word is Survival 


Anonymous said...

Visited doc40 as I do every day, and it was flagged as a dangerous site with risky behaviors exhibited, by my McAfee anti virus software. Please check to make sure that there's no malware floating around. It could also be another attempt to stiffle your voice. Hope it is sorted soon, ED

JoHnny ~ said...

watch out paranoia is about..if ya really worried u wouldn't be here in the first place...hahaHa

Mossard/Kidon have their dirty little fingers all over the web..should u care, no more then ur average main street with CCTV, as the sign for 'public-safety'

the toooooooooon of the day is..

'One Nation Under a Groove' ~~

stu said...

i thought it was `fear of a black planet`.arf.

JoHnny ~ said...

One Nation under CCTV..??

stu said...

Clear enough to watch you but when it IS important not clear enough to be useful.

JoHnny ~ said...

that's another question m8..this ain't buy one, get one free..hahaHa