Sunday, May 06, 2012


The speed at which almost everything in the modern world becomes grist for the all consuming mill of the mass culture can be both alarming and depressing. Okay so Marshall McLuhan predicted it as “the speed-up”, but there are seemingly little or no limits to this capacity for the media to absorb anything that comes to its notice. Take the instance of absinthe. Just a few short years ago, the deep green alcohol-based hallucinogen was a minority preserve of Bohemian degeneracy, with alluring resonances of Lautrec, Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley. No longer. Last week on the British evening TV mega-soap Eastenders, a dubious character called Derek Branning was selling contraband bottles of absinthe around the fictional Albert Square, and it was being covertly quaffed in the Queen Vic without a lace cuff or limp wrist in sight. This is, however, England. I doubt the wicked green fairy will penetrate US network prudery any time soon or find its way into the sterile corridors of General Hospital. That maybe another reason I came home.     

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The secret word is Wormwood


JoHnny ~ said...

if ya still talkin' to me, would the anarchist like a cigarette..??

JoHnny ~ said...

have a look at;

pull ya neck back in..hahaHa

Mick said...

You got a light?

some girl said...

oh, it's already appeared on u.s. tv, if you can believe wikipedia:

hilariously enough, i came across an article about absinthe makers being outraged that the CSI episode called it a "killer drink," so there's your network prudery lol.

stu said...

if you get the right stuff it IS a killer drink.we got some czech stuff about 9 years ago BRILlIANT.i felt like the ready brek kid.

54865465 said...

emerald onions