Sunday, May 13, 2012

SUNDAY BREAKFAST (Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?)

No, it’s the news that the world may not end on December 21st according to this newly unearthed Mayan calendar, something that I view with somewhat mixed feelings. Okay so it’s nice to go on living, but I’m also a little disappointed. A good all-consuming cosmic apocalypse is always tons of fun. I’m not sure quite how many of them I’ve lived through already. I do recall there were two in 1999 alone. July of that year was supposed to bring holy terror of Nostradamus’ bad boy in the blue turban but he failed to materialize. And, of course, at the end of the year, there was the Y2K scare in which every computer on the planet would malfunction and we’d all be hurled back into a very unpleasant stone age. But that too never came to pass, although, merchants in Middle America made a killing – so to speak – selling portable generators, canned food, and pump-action shotguns to a paranoid populace. That’s the charm of a good End Time. First comes the panic verging on farce, and then the sheepish climb-down when we wake up find ourselves still alive. If the Mayan calendar is really out of the running, roll on The Rapture.       

“One array of numbers would be particularly intriguing to doomsday debunkers: lists that appear to denote wide ranges of accumulated time, including a 17-baktun period. "There was a lot more to the Maya calendar than just 13 baktuns," Stuart observed. Seventeen baktuns would stand for about 6,700 years, which is much longer than the 13-baktun cycle of 5,125 years. However, Stuart cautioned that the time notation shouldn't be read as specifying a date that's farther in the future than Dec. 21. "It may just be that this is a mathematical number that they find interesting, kind of floating in time," he told me. "But it certainly is expressing a capacity of time. If they were calculating something from their time period, around 800 A.D., yeah, this would have gone way beyond 2012. But again, we're not sure exactly what the base of the calculation is." Click here for more.

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JoHnny ~ said...

as a 'bookie' I'll give ya even money, some of us are in one piece next yr..

stu said... i send christmas cards or not?

JoHnny ~ said...

how do I know wot's gonna happen to ya, u might get hit by a bus 2morrow..but with all things being well, I would like the card with the 'RedSpots' please.

btw; if the Mayan Calender was on the money, how come those poor fucks forgot to mention the Spainards were on their way..catastrohic or wot..??

Mr Kite said...

Valid point - but no need for the language old chap

JoHnny ~ said...