Monday, March 19, 2012


Although it’s wholly lacking in even capitalist logic impose further crushing and debilitating austerity on the masses and pass my ten million bonus, okay?” First it’s Greece, then Italy, Spain, Ireland, shit folks, we’re all, up for grabs, and meanwhile the military, ignoring the fact that they’ve got Staff Sergeants in Afghanistan going barking crazy postal and massacring women and kids, the Pentagon boffins are beavering away building bigger and better prole-control weapons to use on their own people when they inevitably turn surly. The next war may well be between the power and the people.  

“The U.S. military has unveiled its newest approach to crowd control, the Active Denial System, a heat ray that sends out a high-frequency electromagnetic ray. People hit with the ray feel an intense, unbearable heat.  The military touts the ray's "far-ranging" capabilities and is looking at "many different applications" for its possible use. Tracy Taffola said at the public unveiling of the system at a U.S. Marines base near Washington, D.C.: "You're not gonna see it, you're not gonna hear it, you're not gonna smell it: you're gonna feel it." In a video to demonstrate the new weapon, USFORCESTV explains that the heat ray "boasts a reach far beyond any other non-lethal system" -- a reach of "about 7 footballs fields." The video shows various volunteers quickly running away from the heat ray, a situation unlikely to be available when the ray is aimed at a large crowd or if protesters are penned in some way, as was witnessed by the pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters by police officers at very close range.” Click here for the video

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The secret word is Resist 

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