Sunday, March 11, 2012


Before we pour our Sunday breakfast let’s consider the story sent by venerable and revered HCB. It may be true and the research may be accurate, although I do recall how, back in the days when I ate a lot of acid, I frequently needed a shot to steady my nerves.

“The researchers found six different studies of LSD and alcoholism that were scientifically sound, involving a total of 536 people. They showed that a single dose of LSD, provided for treatment purposes, helped heavy alcoholics and made it less likely that they would relapse. “There has long been a need for better treatments for addiction. We think it is time to look at the use of psychedelics in treating various conditions,” the researchers say. LSD patients were less likely to relapse into problematic alcohol use and had higher levels of total abstinence. In some studies their relatives also reported the same findings. Many of the patients said they had gained a new appreciation for their alcohol problem and new motivation to address it.” (Click here for more)

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roy rocket said...

I think they're probably talking about those straight mothers who just don't really get anything; whose acid experience, in a clinic, is probably the most mind-blowing experience of their lives.
Probably enough to change their perception on any subject; hence CIA and other terrorist orgs use...

Dig your blog. roy