Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Remember the cocaine submarine? Now we have drug tanks. Seemingly the bad-ass Mexican narco crews are creating their own panzer divisions. Police found this armored dope-mobile war wagon in a metalworking shop. I would yet again point out that all this would vanish like the morning mist if legalization removed the criminal profit motive, but who the hell listens to me?

“The completed versions were bigger than what has been found before. Built on three-axle truck beds, they had room for 20 armed men, one official said. They were covered with inch-thick steel, which could withstand 50-caliber fire, and each had been equipped with insulation. The Mexican Army officials do not seem particularly intimidated. They have criticized the machines for being difficult to maneuver, noting that they are designed to frighten rivals. But for most Mexicans, the mere sight of the seized narco-rhino monsters in military photographs offers a stark reminder that in the battle against crime here there is no place more dangerous than Mexico’s roads.”

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The secret word is Sherman

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